Beach Wedding Riviera Maya

Take a look at our forecast of 2010 wedding trends! If you wonder how we can make predictions this early in the year, it’s because the couples getting married next year have already started planning, and we see a fascinating shift in preferences.

Outdoor Wedding in the Riviera Maya1 – Green Weddings

Here’s an interesting fact: A recent survey by “The Knot,” a wedding planning magazine and website, suggests that 60% of brides are interested in eco friendly weddings.

With the recent increase in environmental consciousness, why not have a green wedding? You can implement eco friendly wedding options and still have a luxurious, fabulous wedding.

While initial choices such as using recycled paper for wedding invitations or selecting locally grown flowers can have a positive influence, those with the most significant impact are choosing an eco resort or eco friendly location for your wedding and then implementing environmentally conscious wedding preparations.

Consider an eco friendly resort for your special day—a venue surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and the Caribbean Sea—so you don’t have to invest more on embellishing the event with decorations. A place with white sand beaches and nature parks is our first choice for a green wedding. Accentuate the existing natural environment without adding unnecessarily to it, and you can dramatically reduce your ecological footprint.

Beach Wedding in the Riviera Maya2 – Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are always in style. The romantic, sensuous beach setting is generally a top consideration for wedding planners. No matter how formal or informal your wedding will be, you can never go wrong with white sand beaches, a tranquil Caribbean sea, and lush tropical rainforests. The only thing you have to decide is whether to have a casual, barefoot event or a formal ceremony.

Many luxurious, all inclusive resorts in the Mexico Caribbean are capable of planning a stress free wedding for you. If you decide on a beach wedding, combining the wedding and honeymoon in one convenient location can also reduce stressful planning. Why go somewhere else on your honeymoon when you’re already in paradise?

Wedding Bride Riviera Maya3 – Wedding Photography & Videography

Many couples are now investing more in capturing wedding and honeymoon memories than on the ceremony and reception. The best wedding photography is the type that not only reflects your personality and style, but also captures candid, spontaneous moments. It’s also recommended to schedule a photo session with the photographer, before or after the wedding day, to take photos of both of you when you’re more relaxed and comfortable.

When it comes to wedding videos, an increasing number of couples are asking their videographers to film in new, creative ways. Couples don’t just want standard footage of the ceremony and reception, but they want images that convey an impression of the event beyond the norm. They prefer videos that portray the personalities, conversations, unexpected moments, reactions, and emotions of both the wedding party and their guests. The payoff is worth it: a wedding video even your friends will want to see again and again.

Beach Wedding4 – Cultural Wedding Traditions

Many Americans and Canadians getting married in Mexico are incorporating some wonderful Mexican wedding traditions in their ceremony. Not only is it culturally enriching, but it can give your guests a pleasant surprise.

Two customary wedding traditions in Mexico are (1) the wedding lasso, a long rosary or band of flowers placed around the neck of both the bride and groom to symbolize their eternal unity and (2) a gift of Arras coins, 13 gold coins which are given to the bride by the groom as a symbol of his promise to provide for her.

Another cultural wedding tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula that travelers love is the Mayan ceremony, performed outdoors in the Maya language. Since guests participate in the ceremony by interacting with the couple and the shaman (a spiritual leader conducting the ceremony), it is generally recommended for smaller, intimate weddings.

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