Travel with kids to playa del carmen, mexico

Let’s face it, traveling with children can be really difficult. However, it can also be fun and educational, especially once you get where you’re going. The airport is one place where you might have to spend quite a bit of time and if you’re not prepared your travels might start to wear on the children, and your nerves!

Here are some tips to make airport time go more smoothly:

Kids at the Cancun AirportFood

Everyone loves to eat, including your kids, no matter what age they are. Plan to eat your meal/s at the airport. This will take up of time which is a bonus. Bring plenty of snacks for them from home as well because airplane snacks are very expensive. Remember that you will not be able to take liquids through security, so buy drinks after you have cleared that area.

kids playing at cancun airportToys and Games

Bring age appropriate toys, books and games for your children, whether that means a rattle, crayons and a new coloring book, or a portable game system. Brand new things they haven’t seen yet are great. Favorite toys are good too. Don´t forget to add these to your travel checklist.

baby stroller at cancun´s airportNaps

If your children are small and can nap in a stroller, save nap time for the airport. Your child will be occupied and (sorry but you know you’ll be happy about it) quiet. If they are bigger, have them pack a small pillow and blanket in their carry-on so that they can nap comfortably in the airport or on the plane.

at Cancun AirportExercise

Let your children burn off some energy before your flight. Find a deserted gate and let them crawl, toddle, or run around. You could also take a walk. Find a terminal map and cover the entire area you have access too. This way you will also find all of the gift shops, restaurants and food stands that are available.

If you are prepared, traveling with your children can be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family.

Do you have any tips for air travel with children?