Riviera Maya eco luxury resort


Wake up to a beautiful view of the Riviera Maya. Enjoy the view then go back to bed and sleep in.


Hotel breakfast at Hacienda tres Rios eco luxury resort


Grab your daily dose of caffeine by ordering a delicious cup of capuccino in the patisserie. Then grab breakfast in Casa Las Islas. Try a traditional Mexican breakfast. We recommend chilaquiles. Don´t forget to order a mimosa, you’re on vacation after all.


Playa del Carmen Eco Park Bike tour and bird watching


The first bicycle tour is at 9:30 a.m. Enjoy the natural wonders of the Tres Rios Nature Park and always remember to respect your surroundings.


Cocking classes to chef oscar at Hacienda Tres Rios


Take a look at our activities to catch one of our classes. Sushi? Cocktail? Mole?


Resort activities, snorkel and kayaking


Share an unforgettable experience with your family by taking a kayak down the river or exploring our underwater world while snorkeling in a cenote.


Playa del Carmen beach club


Wind down with a cocktail (or two), while relaxing on a beach bed and taking in the view.


Playa del Carmen Restaurants, dinner


Be sure to reserve your Chef’s Table Dinner and enjoy a 7-course meal in the kitchen with Chef Oscar. Yum!


Swimming pool, Playa del Carmen Sunset


And tomorrow we’ll do it all over again. Good night!

Photos by Kirsten Alana and many of our guests.

2 Reviews

  1. You have a wonderful picture of of our dear friend Oscar Orbe, your previous Executive Chef. The wonderful new Chef Mario’s photo is missing. I love the new Casa Las Islas, that Chef Mario has created. His other wonderful and talented Sous Chefs should also be recognized.

    Brenda Taggart