Learning to speak Spanish is not that difficult because everything is pronounced just like it is written. However, since you probably don’t have time to learn the entire language before your next vacation to Mexico, it is a good idea to learn a few words and phrases that may be useful during your stay.

Spanish to travel to MexicoPlease/Thank you

Politeness goes a long way in any language. When you order a drink from your waiter, even if you order it in English, add a “Por favor,” at the end, which means please. When he brings you the drink, say “Gracias,” which means thank you.

Where is…?

At some point you are probably going to need to ask where something is located. Say “Donde esta…?” then add “el baño” (the bathroom) or whatever you are looking for.

Que hora es?

This means “What time is it?” You can also ask, “A que hora es…?” (At what time is…?) then add “el desayuno” (breakfast), “el almuerzo” (lunch), “la cena” (dinner) or maybe “el show” (the show). If you know how to count in Spanish, you will be able to understand the answer you receive. For instance, “una y viente” means 1:20. “Media” means half, “cuarto” means quarter.

Cuanto cuesta…?

Do you enjoy shopping for souvenirs? Then you will need to be able to ask how much items cost. “Cuanto cuesta…?” will do. Add “esto” (this) or “eso” (that).


You will probably be ordering a lot of food and/or drinks while on vacation. “Quisiera” means “I would like”. “Quisiera una cerveza, “ is how you say “I would like a beer.”

Most people working in the tourism industry speak English but they always appreciate when visitors make an attempt to speak their language. Give these words and phrases a try on your next trip to Mexico.

Do you try to learn some of the local language when you visit another country? What else do you know how to say in Spanish?