Group travel to a Family Friendly ResortTraveling with a group of friends and family can be extremely rewarding, and it can save you money. Most airlines, hotels and resorts aren’t going to inform you that there are many ways your group can save money on vacation. Here are some hints that may help you receive discounts, upgrades and courtesy services on your next group trip.

1) Airfare

Contact reservations directly to find out what the minimum requirements are for group discounts. Some airlines may require as few as 3 seats be purchased so it may be possible that your small family qualifies as a group. Find out if any airlines offer discounts to members of organizations you belong to such as AARP or AAA.

2) Lodging

Many hotels and resorts offer group discounts and/or room upgrades. Our Hacienda Tres Rios Family and Friends Special includes complimentary stay for kids or free room upgrades. Always contact a hotel or resort directly by calling reservations or checking their website in order to find out about their group specials and benefits.

3) Services

When traveling with a group you may receive courtesy services such as round-trip airport transfers or free wireless internet. The Hacienda Tres Rios Family and Friends Special provides guests with free transportation or courtesy massages at Ya’ax Ché Spa. Make sure you investigate all of the services your resort provides and inquire if your group is eligible for any courtesy extras.

4) Food and Drink

Hotels and resorts may offer free breakfast to groups or they may receive a courtesy welcome drink. Children may eat free.

Enjoy the benefits of traveling with your friends and family and take advantage of the perks that are offered to groups. Please visit the Specials & Packages section of this page for more information on our Hacienda Tres Rios Friends and Family Special.

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  1. Since, traveling for destination weddings and writing articles for travel is what we do for a living, there are a number of tips that couples or groups traveling should remember. I’ll hit a few in my post.

    First – Plan Ahead – Whether you are planning a wedding or a fun weekend away the formula for success is plan ahead! More than just what airline, hotel, or rental car – book early and you’ll save money and headaches.

    Second – (And probably the most import) Don’t be in a hurry! Your trip isn’t something to be conquered . . . rather it is an experience! Enjoy the Journey! There are bound to be lines . . . getting on the plane, getting food at a layover – all these things are part of the journey. Take a minute and remember that you could be stuck in an office but instead you are on your way to a wonderful PARADISE that few will ever see. DON’T HURRY UP AND HAVE FUN – it’s impossible!

    Last – Cherish the moments – In the midst of the fun, the rest, and relaxation take an extra second or two to either journal or take pictures. Sure, lugging a camera bag down to the pool isn’t top priority for most travelers but as an avid traveler I find the stories I tell are always referenced by the pictures I took.

    While I could elaborate on traveling with children, ways to save on airline tickets, or how do I get a photobooth to my destination wedding – years of travel and hundreds of thousands of miles tells me – Enjoy the Journey!

    Chris Baldwin
    Graham River Productions

    17 countries and 48 States – Enjoy the Journey!

    Chris Baldwin from Graham River Productions


    • Thanks for the tips, Chris. 🙂 We agree! Enjoying the journey is the most important part of traveling.