Earth Day presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to unite and build a prosperous, greener energy economy for our world’s future.
In 1970, the Earth Day Network was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, based on the principle that every person is entitled to a healthy sustainable environment, and to inspire worldwide awareness for our earth’s climate changes.
Earth Day has been celebrated every year on April 22nd in approximately 190 countries, commemorating its 40th Anniversary in 2010.

Interesting fact: Earth Day Network states that about 1 billion people participate in Earth Day each year, making it the largest secular civic event in the world.

Although proactive steps toward protecting the environment are being taken, environmental damage is still occurring, with 70 million tons of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every day.

The Earth Day Network currently lists over 1,000 Earth Day events and volunteer opportunities in the United States alone. There is no reason not to get involved and participate; remember, small changes can go a long way!

What We Are Doing What You Can Do To Help

The decline in the world’s forests—about half of the earth’s tropical forests have been destroyed—has a big impact on the environmental footprint, from the release of carbon dioxide to the loss of countless animal habitats.

1- Planting Trees: An Earth Day Tradition
Guests at our resort will be able to participate in planting mangrove trees at the Tres Ríos Nature Park. Thorough information about our reforestation campaign will be offered, and participants will be granted a certificate to display their contribution to Earth Day.

1-Turn your backyard into a wildlife habitat: even the smallest urban garden can sustain the basics for local fauna. Plant a tree in your garden and implement sustainable gardening methods for an even greener space.

Join a volunteer group that collects trashed wood from buildings and construction sites for reuse.

2- Recycling Contest for Kids
Children staying at the resort will be invited to participate in a recycling contest. The goal will be to create an object or toy from recyclable materials or from natural resources found in our nature park, such as dry leaves, stones or sand. The most creative piece will be awarded a prize. All of the children’ s creations will be showcased in our Kids’ Club during the entire week.
2- Recycle in a creative way. Use your imagination and turn any used household items into reusable craft materials: a plastic jug can be turned into a watering can; a cereal box covered-up with scrapbook paper can be turned into a magazine holder, and a milk carton can become a bird feeder. The sky’s the limit!
3- “Save the Planet” Drawing Contest
Children will be invited to draw on a defined topic: “Save the Planet”. They will be able to use watercolors, crayons, color pencils, acrylic paint, etc. The drawings will be exhibited at the resort, and the winner will receive a prize.
3- Engage your children in fun projects. Get them acquainted with plants and animals by taking them to museums, planetariums, aquariums or zoos.
Drawing Earth Day themes is also a great idea and requires as little as crayons and paper, have them create posters that teach others about endangered species.
4- Community Cleanup
Resort staff will be urged to participate in cleaning surrounding areas outside of the resort. The activity will encompass a brief explanation about the significance of Earth Day, and the importance of being environmentally aware. The staff will be divided into groups will be assigned specific areas to clean. The cleanup will last one hour and will be photographed and documented with a list of participants, and with the amount of garbage collected.
4-Get involved with the community. Find a volunteering event in your area and make sure to bring your children along. Children are very energetic; allow them to dig in soil in a park or pick up trash in the playground.

Join us and become part of the continuing progress toward a healthier planet by celebrating Earth Day today – and every day. There are numerous ways you can help, join a project that will motivate you to adopt a green lifestyle beyond Earth Day.