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As part of its mission to promote holistic and sustainable tourism, Hacienda Tres Ríos was the host of the first edition of Om Fest Riviera Maya which took place October 10-12. The idea behind holistic and sustainable tourism is to take positive steps toward creating a healthy mind in a healthy body, as well enjoying nature, caring for the environment and finding overall balance during ones travels.


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Om Fest Riviera Maya 2014 was a dynamic and spiritual event where 15 different styles of yoga were practiced along with workshops, conferences, meditation, mantras, music, dance and a YogiExpo, an exhibit of more than 10 domestic and worldwide labels.


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On its opening day, Om Fest hit a high note with a concert of sacred music and celebration presented by internationally famous dancer and singer Paloma Devi who mixes her music with sounds, energy and spirituality. On the second day, the nature park’s cenotes (freshwater sinkholes) welcomed four paddleboard Yoga classes, which demand full balance, concentration and a profound connection between body, mind, spirit and nature.


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The last day of the Festival began with the outdoor yoga classes where the general public was invited to participate in this millennial practice. The day continued with “Children of Light, Children in Harmony”, workshops for children, and closed with a bang with a presentation by MC Yogi and his wife Amanda Giacomini, which featured hip hop rhythms mixed with Hindu philosophy and bhayans (devotional songs).


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The ideal of going back to the origin is becoming more and more popular in the Riviera Maya, where ancient wellness rituals are combined with with modern practices that are attracting the world to this tropical paradise.