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Recently Trip Advisor, the website which provides the “World’s Most Trusted Travel Advice”, announced the results of their annual survey on beach and pool etiquette. We’ve all been there…our relaxing afternoon ruined by blasting music or an intoxicated person. Maybe we’ve even all been the one violating beach etiquette now and then. This is some of what TA discovered in their survey:

The worst beach and pool etiquette offenders are Americans, and more specifically, New Yorkers, followed by residents of New Jersey and Florida.

The most annoying violations were found to be: loud music, beach chair hogging and smoking.

11% of the people surveyed admitted to reserving lounge chairs by getting up early and leaving their possessions on them, and 85% considered this unacceptable behavior.

The top “restricted access” zones that travelers would like to see on beaches and at pools are pet-free areas and child-free areas.

As far as personal space on the beach, 31% felt that their personal space is always or often invaded. At a crowded beach, 28 percent considered six feet to be the closest acceptable distance to sit next to a stranger while at an un-crowded beach, 30 percent considered 20 feet to be the closest acceptable distance to sit next to a stranger.

As far as fashion faux pas go, 34 percent considered it an etiquette violation for men to wear Speedos and 78 percent think it’s okay for women to go topless at the beach or pool, in destinations where it’s culturally acceptable.


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What are your beach and pool etiquette pet peeves?

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  1. People taking a spot less than 6 feet away from me when there’s plenty of beach space is definitely a beach etiquette pet peeve of mine! Funny post, I linked it back to my site for expats looking to move to Mexico (



  2. For me the worst violation is smoking. There shouldn’t be loud music accept for during events. I think that it’s fine for men to wear Speedo’s at most places. I think that women should be allowed to go topless at pools and beaches, and that places where it isn’t culturally acceptable need to change their sexist views.



  3. I should add. The second largest violation for me is littering.