Sunset Hotels Cancun


On Tuesday, October 22 at La Vela restaurant in the Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club, all six Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences properties were awarded the “Distintivo H” recognition by SECTUR (the Mexican Ministry of Tourism). This honor is awarded to restaurants that meet specific hygiene standards. The objective of these standards is to establish good hygiene and sanitation practices in order to ensure safety in food and beverage service.

Chemist Lidia García, Food Security Advisor, paid visits to each property accompanied by the Corporate Chef, Assistant Corporate Chef, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, Chief Steward, Maintenance Manager, and Housekeeping.



To qualify for “Distintivo H” 151 points are covered, of which 26 must be reached at 100%, while 125 must be reached at by at least 90%. Areas that are inspected include: goods receiving, storage, chemical handling, refrigeration and freezing, kitchen area, food preparation, service, water and ice, employee health services, waste management, pest control personal and bars.

The first hotel Sunset World Group property to receive certification was Sunset Royal Beach Resort in 2004, while Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club first received the certification a year later in 2005. Sunset Fishermen first received the certification in 2008 and Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa & Nature Park in 2009. Finally, Laguna Suites Golf + Spa and Ocean Spa Hotel joined the list in 2010.

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