Mexican Independence Day celebrations


September 16 (not May 5 aka Cinco de Mayo) is Mexican Independence Day.

Mexicans love to celebrate their independence. It’s the biggest party of the year. If you are going to be at Hacienda Tres Rios this week, you are in luck, because we are going to feature four days of special activities.

Each day will honor a different Mexican state or region…


Saturday: Yucatan

11am: Cooking class, Children’s cooking class

1pm: Xtabentun cocktail class, Children’s pyramid making

4pm: Xtabentun tasting

6pm: Movie presentation

6:30pm Buffet dinner in Casa las Islas

8pm: Danzon class and Yucatecan drinks and snacks


Sunday: Jalisco

10am: Children’s mask making class

11am: Cooking class

12pm: Braiding class

1pm: Tequila cocktail class

4pm: Tequila tasting class, Children’s t-shirt making class

6pm: Movie presentation

6:30pm Outdoor buffet dinner

8pm: Mariachi music followed by a DJ in the Sports Bar


El Grito Mexico



Monday: Central and Northern Mexico

10am: Children’s Mexican toy class

11am: Cooking class, Children’s piñata making class

12pm: Boat race

1pm: Pulque cocktail class

4pm: Pulque tasting class, Children’s crafts class

6pm: Movie presentation

6:30pm Buffet dinner in Casa las Islas

8pm Electrocumbia party


Tuesday: Oaxaca

10am: Explanation and exposition of “Mojigangas Oaxaqueñas”

11am: Cooking class, Children’s crafts class

1pm: Mezcal cocktail class

4pm: Mezcal tasting class, Children’s Mexican flag making class

7pm Outdoor party with buffet, live music and carnival games

11pm “El Grito” and DJ in the Sports Bar


Enjoy! Viva Mexico!