Mayan-Tibetan Encounter


The 2nd Mayan-Tibetan Encounter was a huge success, in part due to the amazing local social media influencers and photographers that Tweeted, Facebooked, Foursquared, photographed and blogged about the event.

We started out our day at Hacienda Tres Rios covering the moving Welcome Ceremony, where the Mayans welcomed the Tibetan Monks. This was the official beginning of the Mayan-Tibetan Encounter.


Mayan culture Riviera Maya

Photo by Kelly McLaughlin


Next, it was on to the Mandala Opening Ceremony. Everyone was mesmerized by the monk’s chanting…the notes were so low we thought they were playing instruments.


mandala Tibetan monks

Photo by Juan of Del Sol Photography


We were starving now, so we headed to the Hacienda Grill for lunch, where we discovered the Alebrije (tamarind margarita)…delicious!


cocktails drinks Hacienda Tres Rios

Photo by Maria Curts


Then it was time for our Jaguar tour, where we would kayak in the nature park and then snorkel in one of Hacienda Tres Rios’ 10 cenotes.


nature park tours Hacienda Tres Rios

Photo by Kristin Busse


Here’s where you can find these social media stars…follow them for the latest information about Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya.

Kay Walten

@LocoGringoCom, Loco GringoFacebook

Kelly McLaughlin

@cancuncanuck, A Canuck in MexicoFacebook

Laura Winfree

@CancunGringa, Gringation’s BlogFacebook

Lisa Juliot

@LisaLoveLoca/@BuyPlaya, BuyPlayaFacebook

Vivo en Cancun/Vivo en Playa del Carmen

@VivoenCancun/@vivoenplayadc, Vivo en CancunFacebook

Del Sol Photography

@delsolphoto, Del Sol Photography, Facebook

Mayan Explore

@Mayanexplore, MayanExploreFacebook


@PubliHerzMKT, PubliHerzFacebook


For more photos, check out the event’s Social Media’s Perspective Board on Pinterest.


From the bottom of our hearts…thank you!


Mayan-Tibetan Cultural Encounter

Kristin and Maria, Hacienda Tres Rios Social Media