Skal International Ecotourism Award

SKAL International Ecotourism Award
With 20,000 members in 90 Countries in approximately 500 locations, Skal is the largest international association of travel and tourism professionals in the world. The Skal International Ecotourism Award was established in 2002 after the United Nations declared it as the Year of Ecotourism.

The award highlights the travel industry’s best practices, the organization aims to acquaint the world with the new concept of sustainable tourism, responsible travel, and the need for active community participation in ecotourism.

Some of the comments from the judges include: “A comfortable and attractive resort which also takes into account social and ecological considerations.” “Excellent integration of comfort and respect for the local environment.” “A leading example of communicating to guests the environmental considerations through the Green Highlights leaflet.”

The Riviera Maya resort was qualified by judges as “one of the most sustainable resorts in the world.”

The resort also received a Skal Ecotourism Award in 2010 for Rural Accommodations.