Blvd Kukulcán, km 13.5, Cancun, 998-848-8220

Description: ZONA HOTELERA. Not all Mexican food is about tacos and burritos. At Hacienda Sisal, like at most of the area’s Mexican restaurants, you can get lobster and shrimp enchiladas or chicken fajitas, but you could opt for something a tad more unusual, like sautéed mushrooms with guajillo chiles and tequila, or filet mignon with a kicky three-chile sauce, or tamarind shrimp. After your meal, head next door for a lively evening of dancing and live music. Alternatively, choose the dinner-show combo, which includes a buffet meal and a fun folk music and dance production.

Restaurant Daily 5pm-10:30pm Bar Daily 5pm-1pm

Payment Methods:
Visa,Master Card

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