You may be a little hesitant go on vacation with your children. You might be worried that it will be complicated, difficult or stressful. However, family vacations create memories that last a lifetime so they’re definitely worth the extra effort. Visiting new places or other countries expands your children’s relatively small world. One way to avoid some of the difficulties of traveling with children is to go on an all-inclusive vacation. Many resorts offer programs and entertainment that are geared towards families with children of all ages. Here are some amenities you should look for and things you should consider when booking an all-inclusive vacation for your family.

Kid’s Club

Most family resorts have a kid’s club where your children will be supervised and can participate in different activities. Many have a minimum age of 4 but some accept children under four. Kid’s clubs differ and some programs last all day, normally 10:00am-5:00pm, and others have different scheduled activities throughout the day which can include arts and crafts, cooking, and games, among other things.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a relaxing lunch (grown-ups only) or cocktails by the pool or ocean with your significant other? Many resorts offer babysitting services, which is great if your children are too young to attend the kid’s clubs activities. Often times this service is also offered in the evenings in your room.

Food and Drink

The great thing about all-inclusive vacations is the fact that food and drinks are available all day, and many even provide 24 hour room service. This is the perfect situation for parents who are on vacation and don’t want to worry about preparing meals or doing the grocery shopping. If your little one is thirsty, order them a juice! If they are hungry, order them a fruit plate! (Who are we kidding? They are going to want a hamburger and fries!)


There are always plenty of other activities in and around a resort for the whole family, many of which are fun and educational for children. Consider a boat ride, a snorkel tour or yoga or cooking classes. There is also the possibility of taking a tour or day trip to interesting local sites and attractions.

New People and Places

Traveling in general can be very educational for your children. Depending on where you are visiting, they may be introduced to new cultures, climates and people. Many times the people they (and you) meet while on vacation will become lifelong friends.

For all these reasons, an all-inclusive vacation is a great option for families with children of any age. Just be sure to check with your resort for the specifics on the services they offer.