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Green Travel

Travelers come to the Riviera Maya to enjoy the marvels nature has to offer, from lush green jungles and mangrove forests to the white sand beaches and turquoise-blue water of the Caribbean Sea. Although tourism has generated significant social and economic benefits for Mexico, it has also strongly impacted the environment.

Fortunately, increasing numbers of travelers and businesses have recognized the importance of developing a more responsible tourism industry. There is now an expectation that travel companies take universal accountability by implementing measures to protect the natural and cultural treasures of the planet through increased use of natural resources and new environmental technology.

Sustainable tourism is gaining importance so that more travelers are factoring sustainability into their vacation plans, demanding that resorts provide programs that support their local communities. Staying in a sustainable resort and visiting nature parks and ecological reserves supports a “green” vacation in the Riviera Maya. This allows continued appreciation of nature and contributes to the region’s sustainable development.

Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort’s conscientious construction development and daily operations serve as a model for sustainable tourism, while striking the delicate balance between both luxury experiences and environmental conservation. This is the wave of the future in existence today.


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