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Mexican bullfighting is a form of entertainment inherited from the traditions of Spain, Portugal, and other European and Latin countries. It is not recommended for squeamish visitors, since it involves the live killing of one or more bulls by a skilled matador and his assistants.

Bullfighting has its origins in prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice. It was once a spiritual ritual in which a sacred bull (from the Greek word, tauromachy) was killed in honor of Roman soldiers stationed in places of worship (the mithraeum, from the Greco-Roman religion of Mithraism).

For Mexicans, bullfighting is viewed as a celebratory and exhilarating event in which skilled matadors display their bravery and demonstrate the highly valued cultural image of machismo. A customary bullfight usually begins with traditional dance performances and a show by charros (Mexican cowboys wearing sombreros).

Bullfighting events are held in Cancun on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in the winter season at Plaza de Toros, Avenida Bonampak and Sayil, at the north end of town.


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