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Mesoamerican Temazcal Treatment
(also known as Temascal)


Temazcal Ritual, 90 minutes:

For guests who want a unique, native experience, Ya’ax Che Spa offers the temazcal ritual.  We are one of the few spas offering this traditional Mesoamerican purification and relaxation experience called temazcal. The name temazcal is derived from two words in the Aztec language of Nahuatl: temaz, which means bath, and calli, meaning house.

Temazcal, used in Mexico for centuries, is an ancient steam bath with curative and therapeutic benefits.  Believed to balance body, mind, and spirit, this ceremonial practice has been used to prepare people for special milestones, such as marriage, birth, and other important occasions.

This cleansing ritual takes place in an authentic hut, or sweat house. Steam is produced by pouring hot water over heated stones in a pit.  This relaxing purification experience is accompanied by traditional music and ends with an optional dip in the cool, clear cenote water.

*Please inquire with our Guest Service Concierge for availability

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