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Massage and Reflexology

Relaxing Massages

Harmony, 55 minutes
(Swedish, relaxing) - The Swedish massage is almost like the “father” of modern day massages, combining body manipulation and kneading. It is fundamentallystimulating and invigorating. The oil used during this massage has unique benefits for relaxing and achieving fulfilment in your body

Deep or Sport, 55 minutes 
(Focusing on tension points) - Also called chiromassage, it is geared to treating stress in a more localized and profound manner. In this way the massage therapist can be general or local, acting directly on a muscle or a specific area of pain.

Sea Massage, 55 minutes
(Aromatherapy, relaxing body and spirit) – Relaxation with aromas attracts prosperity to our lives and serves to elevate our spirituality, sharpening our psychic consciousness and producing a repairing dream. Depending on the essence used, you can increase physical energy and mental activity, reducing the effects of stress. On using the aromas of flowers, leaves, seeds and the woods we are able to increase our capacity for feeling love within ourselves and returning it to others.

Jet Lag, 55 minutes 
(Tired legs) – The most frequent causes of tired legs are basically lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, bad nutrition, obesity, inherited problems and the periods of hormonal changes that women have. Ya’ax Ché will help you achieve wellbeing through massage, in which our therapist will focus on improving blood circulation.

Sensations, 80 minutes 
(4 different techniques) – A restorative massage that employs different techniques such as acupressure, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and body stretching to achieve a deep therapeutic effect that reduces stress, improves circulation and joint mobility. This massage is ideal to relieve muscular tension, mental fatigue and to help soothe the body, mind and spirit.

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