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Cancun - Riviera Maya Nature Park

Tres Ríos Nature Park

Located in the Riviera Maya region of the Yucatan Peninsula, México, Tres Ríos Nature Park is a natural paradise where three rivers merge into the sea; where culture, nature, and experience converge to provide a natural retreat unlike any other.

Tres Ríos is refreshingly unique: 326 acres of pristine tropical rainforests intersected by three winding freshwater rivers, decorated by ten fascinating cenotes (cave-like sinkholes with natural wells), home to 120 species of plants and 90 species of animals.  It is the only nature park in the Yucatan Peninsula that includes three distinct ecosystems: jungle, mangrove forest, and coastal dunes.

The ecological park (or eco park) naturally evolved out of the expansive tropical naturescapes that inspire many.  As one of the Riviera Maya’s privately owned natural treasures, Tres Ríos is dedicated to a strict set of environmental regulations, following the sustainable tourism model, that govern any development on the property.


Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve

The nature reserve encompasses 150 acres of the park’s entire 326 acres.  This portion of the environment is sheltered from human impact and building development in order to allow the natural ecosystems of the area to flourish.

The property is guided by…

Tres Ríos Ecology Mission:

  • To be the leading model for sustainable luxury tourism in the Mexican Caribbean.
  • To guarantee the enduring, intelligent, and responsible use of the property’s jungle, mangrove, dune, and marine ecosystems.
  • To guarantee the long-term preservation of the ecosystems’ environmental functions, flora, and fauna.
  • To provide high-end vacation experiences for guests of Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort.


Interact directly with nature at Tres Ríos though such activities and attractions as:

  • Snorkeling and swimming in the rivers and cenotes
  • Kayaking on the rivers
  • Interpretive guided nature tours through the rainforest
  • Bicycling through the jungle
  • Relaxing on a white sand beach by the Caribbean Sea
  • Discovering the reforestation process at the botanical garden and nursery
  • Participating in a SenseAdventure experience


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