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September 13, 2012 7:30pm

Sacred Mayan and Tibetan Music and Dance

Ancient societies throughout the world conceived that ritual performance of sacred music and dance at auspicious times establishes communication with the higher powers of good and brings about healing on environmental, social and personal levels. In Tibet, whenever a monastery celebrated a spiritual festival, people from the surrounding villages and nomadic tribes would assemble in the monastery’s courtyard for the three or four days of sacred music and dance. The Mystical Arts of Tibet tour is designed as a development of this tradition.

The event will include a series of presentations including Tibetan pieces like: the Nyensen (Invocation of the Forces of Goodness), the Shanak Garcham (the Dance of the Black Hat Masters), the Taksal (the Intense Encounter of the Third Degree), as well as dances and music by the Mayan contingency.



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