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5 Ways to Trash the Dress in the Riviera Maya

trash the dress Riviera Maya


Brides search for the perfect wedding dress because they want to look amazing on their wedding day. It’s a tiny bit disappointing that after all that searching, they only get to wear the dress once. Well now there is a second chance to wear that perfect wedding dress. It’s called “Trash the Dress” and newlyweds are doing amazing things with this phenomenon, especially in the Riviera Maya Mexico. With all the beauty that exists here, natural and manmade, there are endless possibilities for your “Trash the Dress” Riviera Maya photo session. (photo by Diego Muñoz)


trash the dress Riviera Maya

1. On the beach

The sand and surf are the perfect location to beautifully ruin your dress.


trash the dress Riviera Maya

2. In a Cenote

The Mayas believe cenotes to be sacred portals connecting us to the underworld.


trash the dress Riviera Maya

3. In a Pool

Dive into marriage!


trash the dress Riviera Maya
4. In the Jungle

The lush tropical jungle is an amazing backdrop for an exotic photo shoot. (photo by Del Sol)


trash the dress Riviera Maya


6. At a Mayan Ruin Site

Imagine the ancient Mayan civilization’s spirits blessing your union. (photo by Diego Muñoz)


Many photographers are able to combine these possibilities for a photo shoot and will personalize your “Trash the Dress” photo shoot so that your pictures will thrill you for years to come.

One Response to “5 Ways to Trash the Dress in the Riviera Maya”

  1. Andy Buzztrips Says:

    Love it! I think the Mayan Ruin Site probably wins it for me but the beach must come a close second. Head to one of the black sand beaches of The Canary Islands and really go for it! :)

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