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Arte Maya Productions |  Mystical Arts of Tibet

Mystical Arts of Tibet

Lama Chopa Puja (Guru Puja) This is a ceremony where the Monks make an offering and say prayers through songs. To grow spiritually without diversions or distractions we need someone who has travelled along that path and who can advise us in moments of doubt or confusion through his experience; this is what the guidance of a Spiritual Master can offer us. Practicing the Guru Puja or Lama Chopa helps us develop and establish the positive potential necessary to achieve a connection with the Spiritual Master.Those present must dress in white with white socks, bring their kata (long piece of white cloth, symbol of welcome between he who offers it and he who receives it) and carry an offering of white flowers and a white candle. Duration: 60 minutes
Praises to the 21 Taras The monks carry out the praises to the 21 Taras (symbols for inner growth), through songs to eliminate obstacles, negativity and sickness, as well as to attract good fortune and long life. Also, the aim of these praises is to eliminate fears, negative karma, develop wisdom, drive off depression and sadness, bad feelings of others towards us and even contagious illnesses. Duration: 60 minutes
Making the Mandala Mandala is a Sanskrit Word that translates as “the center and its surroundings”. A mandala represents the illuminated cosmos that is perfect in all aspects, and to create it the monks pour sand grain by grain on a surface that will be carefully and beautifully sculpted for several days. There are different types of mandalas but the one to be built here is a Green Tara Mandala that represents the illuminated activities and the purpose of which will be to bring healing energy and peace to the world, resolve conflicts and be successful in a positive way with respect to work and prosperity.To mark the beginning and end of its making ceremonies will take place in which the monks will use multiphonic songs and musical instruments, recite mantras and lead meditations dealing with the purpose of the mandala. Duration: 3 days
Private Pujas (Blessings) Personal or Family** Buddhism is a tradition more than 2,500 years old, in which circumstances are counteracted, such as unexpected, painful or unwanted events, through rituals, ceremonies and meditation.Pujas or blessing ceremonies are carried out through reciting and singing the sacred scriptures written by Buddhas, enlightened beings and Bodhisattvas, to transform any negative energy into positive. Duration: 20 minutes
Shamata Meditation Practice Tranquility meditation or shamata is practiced while sitting in the cross-legged posture and it helps us to calm our mind and reduce the effects of negative emotions such as anger, worry and suffering in general. Following one’s breath, shamata is also useful for developing concentration and memory. Duration: 60 minutes
Green Tara Initiation Mother Tara, liberator of the unfortunate, has the quality of being able to quickly and effectively help anyone who entrusts himself to her with faith and confidence; she also helps to remove obstacles that prevent us from reaching temporary and final desires for the good of mankind.

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Mayan Welcome Ceremony A ceremony directed at our Mother Earth, in which the feminine energy of the Goddess Ixchel greets visitors with an ancient message that says:With the green of the woods and trees I give beauty to the earth, the moon is my home between the stars, I keep my secrets in the water, listen to my voice my son. Arise and come to me, together we will give life to the universe, because I saw you when you were born and I will receive you in my arms… Duration: 20 minutes
Native Mayan Music The magic and color created by the Mayan musicians and dancers through their instruments fills the atmosphere to greet visitors, while bags of incense are given to each of the monks as a welcome gift. Duration: 40 minutes
Cenote Ceremony – Kapuksijiil Rebirth (Renovation)** With a maximum of 20 persons, all dressed in clear colors, each participant receives a white cloth as a symbol of rebirth.This ceremony PERMITS the fusion of the natural elements, upon submerging into our mother water, coming out of it and breathing for the first time; begin a more conscious life and live in communion with our mother nature.NO DARK CLOTHES OR BATHING SUITS Duration: 60 minutes
Fire Ceremony The aim of this ceremony is to discover our roots and receive the message from our Father Kinich Ajau (Father Sun, Brother Fire). The event is consecrated in general upon requesting spiritual and material well being for our guides, visitors and organizers, sharing unconditional love through the words: IN LAKECH, A LAK` EN (I am you and you are me).Each one of the participants will make a ritual offering before the fire, asking for good fortune and health for themselves and their families. Duration: 180 minutes
Traditional Mayan Temazcal** An ancient ritual, done in the traditional way, in a structure made with wooden sticks covered with blankets. There are 52 carefully selected hot stones inside, along with medicinal plants that release vapours that will bring wellbeing to our lives. In the Mayan cosmovision the aim of this ritual is to bring us peace by taking us back to the maternal womb and detoxifying our mind and spirit, connecting us with the 5 elements: water, earth, fire, wind and ether. With the help of these elements and the medicinal vapours we can achieve a change of consciousness and thus handle our emotions. Duration: 180 minutes
Healings and Cleansings** The body shouts out what our lips cannot. For our body to be healthy we must heal our spirit, since if the spirit is sad the body becomes ill. Through a harmonization with incenses, essences and herbs you will find a natural way to alleviate suffering and discomfort. You will also be able to enjoy a wide selection of natural products that you can purchase at reasonable prices. Duration: 15 minutes
Personalized Birth Card** This is a guide to discover who we are and where we are going. The birth card serves as a guide to connect our essence with our soul and to make our aims and mission in life clearer. To make it we need to give our year, month and day of birth, 24 hours in advance.

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*Presentations will be conducted in Spanish. English simultaneous translation will be made available with prior request and may include an extra fee.

**Additional cost may apply for certain activities. 


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