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SEMARNAT | Model for Sustainable Tourism

Hacienda Tres Ríos received was named regional and national model for sustainable tourism development.

In 2006 SEMARNAT recognized Tres Ríos as a “regional and national model for sustainable tourism development.” The resort was one of only three national tourism projects to receive a unique environmental seal of approval by the highest Mexican environmental authority. We will continue our commitment to sustainable tourism through a holistic approach toward developing, applying, and promoting “best practices” in sustainable luxury tourism in all of Tres Ríos’ facilities, from initial design to construction and operation.

The Tres Ríos Ecology Mission is:

  • To be the leading model for sustainable luxury tourism in the Mexican Caribbean.
  • To guarantee the enduring, intelligent and responsible use of the property’s jungle, mangrove, dune and marine ecosystems.
  • To guarantee the long-term preservation of the ecosystems’ environmental functions, flora and fauna.
  • To provide high-end vacation experiences for the guests of Tres Ríos.


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