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Restaurants Recognized for Exceptional Food Service Practices

Distintivo H (Distinctive H)

Restaurants at Hacienda Tres Rios Riviera Maya Resort were granted the Distintivo H (Distinctive H) award in 2010 for compliance with the highest standards of food service practice in the tourism industry.  This award provides distinguished recognition to food service providers in México who demonstrate exceptional quality and safety in food preparation, handling, and services.

This Health Tourism program (also referred to as Program F) developed by the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism in México is the basis for the Distintivo H awards, which have been endorsed by the México Ministry of Health.  The aim of this program is the prevention of foodborne illnesses and the subsequent enhancement of México’s tourism image due to improved perceptions of its service establishments.

Distintivo H honors tourism affiliated restaurants in México for exceptional hygiene practices and the resulting reduction in foodborne illnesses, which helps alleviate tourists’ fears of food-related sickness.  As part of the Health Tourism program and its Distintivo H awards, certified food service providers must submit to routine operational evaluation and compliance with the highest standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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